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The Santa-Fe III Series Hydronic Air Handler with 13 Seer Cooling allows you to create a true hybrid system utilizing a boiler as the central heat source. In an integrated hybrid system a boiler is utilized as the heat source for all heating requirements, including radiant for hard surfaces such as tile, a loop of hot water baseboard or a ducted system for warm air via the air handler. The Santa-Fe can then be coupled with an A/C condensing unit to cool the structure. Since the boiler is being used as the heat source, various supporting equipment, including a Crown Boiler Mega-Stor or Maxi-Therm indirect water heater, can easily be integrated with this type of system. The Santa-Fe III Series with 13 Seer evaporator coil has capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 Tons A/C. The multi-position cabinet can be used in upflow or horizontal installations. The Santa Fe III is also available as a heating only or cooling only unit.

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Intertek ETL Listed United States
  • Multi-position Cabinet (vertical or horizontal left/right)
  • Galvanized exterior panels
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Taco HAFC201 control interface
  • 13 SEER evaporator coil
  • 3 row heating coils
  • Zero clearance to combustibles

Santa Fe 3 Hydronic Air Handler Literature

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Santa Fe 3 Heat Cool Only Literature

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Santa Fe 3 Installation Manual

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